Cake - Alpha Beta Parking Lot

Alpha Beta Parking Lot by Cake

standing in the alpha beta parking lot
watching the sun set
i’ll never forget
watching all the reds and oranges slip away
letting go of yet another dirty day

breathing in the fumes from so many idling cars
right beneath the sign w/ the dusty yellow stars 
watching the sun go down

standing in the alpha beta parking lot
watching you leave me
not quite believing

Simple lyrics. Simple melody. Simple rhythm. but a lot of impact. I like this song. And Cake too.

How I look when forced to be taken a picture with. I like this photo though.

My work area at the client’s office. This is as organized as I can get.

I miss my family.

Went back to Z.C. for my brother’s graduation. First conversation topic during dinner celebration:

mama: When will you give me grandchildren?

me: <Literally> @.@

Was searching for the perfect slick black watch strap for my ipod nano. I was not able to find an affordable one so I decided to buy this instead. This will do for now. 


This is the first I’m feeling this. I have become a deeply devoted fan. I have never been a fan of anything. Sure I say I’m a fan of this or a fan of that but not really A FAN of a celebrity. I feel like a teenager. And this feeling is overdue.

Maybe it’s just my Hobbes mentality but I always question humility. Especially when someone inadvertently proclaims it in facebook.

Making Mirrors

Dreamt of a doorway
That opened to everything
And I’m reaching towards it
Drifting backwards

Drawing the curtains
Windows inside my head
Maybe I’m only making mirrors.


I like this song. Nakakabitin.

Maybe I’m just making mirrors.

Take a hint

When I don’t reply, it means I’m not interested. I don’t understand why some people can’t take a hint.

It still comes and goes. urgh.

Azure Ray - Across The Ocean

Heard this song from Coffee Prince (The First Shop of Coffee Prince). It automatically shook my heart.

Across the Ocean by Azure Ray

Now I’ve traveled across the ocean
With the same shoes, just longer hair
I still carry that picture in my wallet
From the photobooth, yeah, it’s still there
Just give me some kind of sign
Is this the right place
Or the right time?

Now I’ve landed in the midwest
Where you lived so long ago
Remember I was always freezing
And now I’m covered up in snow
Please give me some kind of sign
Is this the right place
Or the right time?

Alone in the Office

Came in late today but it’s okay because my audit teammates had other audit engagements to attend to. Surprisingly I gained my enthusiasm to work diligently this morning so I opened my email and discovered that I had a lot of things to do this week. I put on my headset and played an Adele song (Chasing Pavements - haven’t listened to this for the longest time and I heard it in a 7 eleven store nearby. LSS.). Then I sang my heart out… … only to find out that there was a meeting in the other room. I’m sure they heard me. Waaaaah. Can’t work anymore. :/